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May Girls of the Month

May Girls of the Month

Please meet our 3 Girls of the Month for MAY!
(left to right: Janiah, Ashley, Tiana)

Janiah is in the 4th grade at Glen Iris Elementary. This is her 2nd year at Girls Inc. of Central Alabama. Janiah’s favorite subject is Math. Outside of school and Girls Inc, Janiah sings in her church choir, runs track, likes to dance and “play police” with her friends. When Janiah grows up, she wants to be a Police Officer. When asked what her favorite part about Girls Inc., Janiah says, “I get to work and cook with Chef E. I get to do art with Ms. Terri. I get to read and talk to my friends”. She adds, “I love the art at Girls Inc. The pictures look so good!”

Ashley is in the 7th grade at Cornerstone Schools of Alabama. Her favorite subject is math, “because I like numbers. Math isn’t hard for me.” Ashley is a Cheerleader at Cornerstone. She also takes Dance, sings for her church Praise Team and participated in Girls on the Run at her school. When Ashley grows up, she wants to be a Dancer. She would like to participate in the show “Bring It” and teach kids how to dance. Ashley’s favorite part about Girls Inc. is Art. She says that Ms. Terri taught her how to draw when she didn’t think she could be an artist. She likes Girls Inc. because, “I have a lot of friends here and I love the staff. It’s just nice to be around girls and meet new people. I feel like I can show people who I really am here.”

Tiana is in the 7th grade at WJ Christian School. This is her 2nd year at Girls Inc. Her favorite subject in school is math, “because I am good at it. My teacher helped me to see that I can do it”. Outside of Girls Inc., Tiana plays basketball and volleyball at her school. She is on the Honor Roll and in the Beta Club. She also plays tennis and excels playing singles. She is planning to attend a tennis camp in Auburn this summer. When Tiana grows up, she wants to be a Forensic Anthropologist so that she can solve cases by studying bones. She says she is inspired by the show, “Bones”. Tiana’s favorite thing about Girls Inc. is Cooking Class. “I already knew how to cook, but Chef E. is a real chef and she teaches me things that I didn’t know”. Tiana add that she loved learning about Burkina Faso when Ms. Zoe came and taught the girls about different cultures.

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