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Healthy Living: Garden Growth

Healthy Living: Garden Growth

This spring Girls Inc. was fortunate enough to fill our garden with seedlings donated by the Botanical Garden. Our girls have spent time working in the garden from pulling weeds to watering the plants. Their efforts have not been in vain, our garden is growing! We have eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, and blackberries growing. Chef E takes the girls out into the garden to check on the plants and to occasionally pick some. Some of the peppers and tomatoes have already been used in the Nutrition class. While every time to the garden usually results in a few less blackberries on the vine the girls are enjoying the space. We cannot wait for more produce to ripen.

One of the best things about our garden is that we use it to teach the girls about healthy living. Chef E makes a point to explain to the girls where food comes from, having the garden is a great visual when it comes to fruits and vegetables. The garden also helps teach about clean eating and the importance of knowing what is in our food. In addition to the produce, Chef E also uses the herbs in the garden to teach healthy living. When she cooks with the girls she makes a point to teach them other ways of seasoning than salt, instead of salt she uses fresh herbs from the garden!

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