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National Preparedness: Fire Safety

National Preparedness: Fire Safety

This week our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade girls learned about Fire Safety in honor of National Preparedness month. The girls learned about what a fire is and how it is made. They also learned the difference between a man-made fire and a natural fire.

In order to help demonstrate fire safety, the girls watched two different videos. The first one highlighted Fire Emergencies and was put together by FEMA, to watch this video follow the link below.

The second video the girls watched highlighted fire extinguishers, when and how to use a fire extinguisher. This video was also created by FEMA, to watch this video follow the link below.

After watching the videos the girls spent time discussing fire extinguishers and even went to find the fire extinguishers in the building. Towards the end of the lesson the girls all participated in a mock fire drill. By pretending there was a fire the girls took time to test the doors and evacuate the building safely to an outside spot. Before every girl left for the day she received a Jr. Firefighter helmet and a family handout. The family handout covered deciding on a meeting spot and drawing a map of their house along with the exits. The handout was also created by FEMA and can be found by following this link:

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