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Theatrical Bold Future

Theatrical Bold Future

On Sunday, March 25th, a group of Bold Futures mentors, mentees, and their moms took a trip to see Opera Birmingham’s production of Romeo and Juliet, performed at Samford University’s Wright Center. This event marked the second field trip opportunity offered to the participants and volunteers in Girls Inc. mentoring program this spring, and based on feedback, it won’t be the last! On this perfect spring Sunday afternoon, the group gathered on the steps outside the Wright Center where we snapped a few photos before passing out tickets and heading inside to take our seats. Once inside, the girls got to watch and listen to the musicians in the Alabama Symphony Orchestra tune their many instruments, and then we were off to Verona! While opera might not be everyone’s cup of tea, our mentees quickly became enrapt by the story unfolding before them—a tale filled with dancing, sword-fighting, a secret wedding, banishment, and ultimately a love that even in death sought to end hate.

Whether the girls were cheering for the swashbuckling Mercutio in his duel against Tybalt, laughing at the antics of Juliet’s feisty nurse Gertrude, or anxiously whispering advice to Juliet (“No, DON’T drink the sleeping potion! Don’t do it!”) there is no doubt Bold Futures had a blast at Opera Birmingham. Parting from the theatre after the performance was over, was indeed, such sweet sorrow.

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